Natasha….almost 4, going on 18!! And Kevin the clown.

I couldn’t resist posting Tasha and Ammon’s conversation from this afternoon….

Tasha: I have a boyfriend named Derek!

Daddy: You can’t have a boyfriend until you’re 18. How old are you?

Tasha: I’m almost 4.

Daddy: You have to wait until you’re 18.

Tasha: I’m 18 now! =)


Later with Kevin…..

Kevin was saying “…scary”…we thought he said “Kevin, scary.” 

Daddy: Is Kevin scary?

Kevin: Nooooooo, fun!

Daddy: Is Kevin fun?

Kevin: Noooooo.

Mommy: Is Kevin silly?

Kevin: Nooooo, own. (we weren’t sure what this meant, so I guessed….)

Mommy: Is Kevin a clown?

Kevin: Mmmhmmmmm! 

Ain’t that the truth!!


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