Good morning to me!

Yesterday wasn’t exactly a stellar day. Apparently, it was National Whining Day and someone forgot to tell me, because Kevin didn’t stop ALL DAY! I think he must have gotten something stuck in his ears too because he obviously couldn’t hear me all day long when I asked him to stop doing this, or please don’t touch that, how about we play with this instead…..The topper was taking an outing to some local shops to look for a birthday present. I thought it might be nice to get us all out of the house. This was until Kevin decided to break an $18.00 champagne flute! Let’s just say that his college fund that has yet to be started is $18 poorer. 

I hoped, prayed and crossed my fingers that today would be an easier, less crazy day. However, Kevin and Tasha woke me up this morning and I realized that no…today was NOT that day…See below and you’ll understand. 

No….it didn’t snow in our family room…those are mini-marshmellows. That’s only half of my family room in the picture. 


**Note: I’m sure this will be hilarious in a few months, hence the picture

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  1. Kylene Cardon

    Ei! I’m sorry for the frustrating day. I can definitely wait for those to come my way. By the way, your belly is so cute. I can’t wait to meet your little one later this summer!

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