Roughin’ it!

We decided to return to the same spot that we went camping to last weekend. We only do one night camping trips since the kids usually go to bed a few hours later than normal, which means a little more whiny the next day! 

This time, our adventures included Ammon’s co-worker, his daughter and his girlfriend and her boys. We also had another family join us just for s’mores. It seemed a little more relaxing this time, probably because there were other kids for our kids to play with.

The kids slept better than last time and we set up our tent in a beautiful spot, nestled in the trees. This morning, we took a little hike down to a beautiful river. There were lots of yellow and purple wildflowers and I sat by the river for a while and enjoyed the peaceful scene, while the others crossed the river to explore a meadow. (I wasn’t about to attempt it, being so front heavy right now! I’d fall in for sure!!!)

Anyways, we had a fabulous time! Too bad, it’s probably my last this season since the next two weeks we’ll be busy with other things and then Annika will be only 4 weeks away.


Chow Time!!!!

The whole gang hanging out, enjoying our downtime.

Our hike this morning

An Annika sandwich!

The river I rested by

Ammon has been trying to educate the kids about wilderness safety: what do you do when you’re lost in the woods? Hug a tree! That way, people can find you!!! Tasha has it down. By far, my favorite picture we’ve taken this year!!!!


  1. Vanessa

    That is a great picture of Natasha and the tree. I hope you put it in a frame so everyone can see what a CUTE daughter you have!

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