The Move is Done!

Friday and Saturday we moved all our stuff to the new place. (By “we” I mean Ammon)  On Saturday morning things were going really good so we decided to ask the landlord if we could move in early.  He said sure, so we are now in the new place!  We’ve spent the last couple nights there.  It is soooo nice!!!

We will get pictures posted once all the mess is gone.  Oh, and don’t worry, Annika is still safe and sound inside my belly!  (Ammon made sure I didn’t work too hard) 😉


  1. I love it! I feel your pain! We are 5 in a 950 sqft duplex. We just bought it as an investment. We rent out the otherside. We will be here for a few years while we fix it up. Dan, myself and 3 kiddos! Crazy! You still look lovely!

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