Dillon, Co: Part 1

I’ll get around to taking/posting house pictures later….I’m a little behind! About two weeks ago, we went to Dillon, Co for a family vacation. The Mannings had reserved a week in a condo for themselves and us kids and grandkids to get together and have some summer fun. Lucky for us, Dillon is only an hour away! 

As always, when we all get together, we had a great time. There’s always lots of fun catching up and endless entertainment with all five grandchildren under one roof. This time, our fun included some sightseeing and a few new adventures. 

I took the kids to Dillon a day ahead of Ammon because I needed a break from packing and the kids were so excited to spend time with their cousins. 

The first day, we drove into old town Frisco and went through a bunch of old houses and buildings. They had done a remarkable job of preserving them and displaying their contents. The kids were just old enough to be slightly interested for well, at least two minutes! 😉 

This is an old jail cell the kids are sitting in. I couldn’t get a picture that accurately showed just how tiny this little room was. 

This is Tasha in the spring house….see below….

This is the gang in the old church

I thought the old spinning wheel was cool

This was Natasha’s favorite room that we saw in all the houses. It was obviously a little girls room filled with tons of antique dolls and clothes and little doll furniture. She wanted to jump over the railing and play with all of those toys!

Kevin bug watching….he’s fascinated with all bugs and this is his signature bug-watching position. I wish I could balance like that. He can stay like that for 15 min without falling over! 

I was surprised to find out that these dresses belonged to ladies in the red-light district. I had thought how beautiful and classy these dresses were and was shocked that prostitutes had worn them. Guess things have changed a little since then!!

One of the old houses we toured

In the main building in the old town, they had some stuffed animals and pelts you could touch. 

Kevin really liked the soft fox fur

When you entered the first building, there was this mini-town glassed in. It had a train inside that drove around and there was a list of things that you could try and find. The kids loved the train, while the adults enjoyed the scavenger hunt. 

One of the highlights of our trip was our 2 hour pontoon boat ride on Lake Dillon. It was so beautiful and relaxing.



Each of the grandkids had the chance to help Papa “drive” the boat. They thought it was pretty neat.

This was our view from the boat. There may have been snow on the mountain peaks, but it was plenty warm enough! 

Part of the gang relaxing and taking in some sun

Jaron and Auntie Lauren enjoying ourselves

Tasha and Grandma chillin

Nothing like s’mores on a boat!

Malika sporting a lifejacket. Is she not the cutest little niece ever?!

Pushpa, Christina and Julina 

Crazy Daddy and Kevin. What a view from Daddy’s shoulders!

More to come later……way too many pictures to post at once! =)











  1. Vanessa

    Looks like you guys really enjoyed yourself! It is so beautiful there and I am sure that the pictures don’t do justice. I was laughing with Kevin in his bug watching position because Isaac does the exact same thing and he can last forever too!

  2. Amy

    Oh my goodness that picture of Malika is adorable. That little life jacket makes her look like a cute little bubble with legs. I don’t know if that sounds endearing or not….but I can’t think of any other way to put it! Love the pic of Kevin checking out the bugs. Just like little boys.

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