New Digs

Here are the pics of the new place….

Can I say that I LOVE my kitchen!? The gas stove is amazing and everything is so shiny and clean. Now to keep it that way…..

This is the view from the kitchen (you’re looking through the dining area to the family room)

This is the dining area

Family room…we don’t really have enough furniture to make this room what it could be, but hey we’re still loving it

Guest powder-room

Here’s Kevin doing laundry….ha! I wish! =)

Tasha and Kevin’s room

Annika’s room….as you can tell, we haven’t done much here…she’ll be in our room for a few months

Here’s Kevin posing on our bed….you can sorta see the mountains in the background. There is the greatest view from our bedroom and family room windows! Our bedroom is still not unpacked, so no picture of the whole thing…sorry!

The master bath. I love having our own sinks!

Playroom….sigh of relief for Mom

Here’s the….well…I think it’s technically the back, but the front seems more like the back…..

We were so excited that the back (well, technically the front) is all grass. Perfect for the munchkins.


There ya have it! 


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