A tisket, a tasket….

Since I’m kind of past the camping stage of my pregnancy, we figured the next best thing would be to go up into the mountains and roast hot dogs and do smores. It was a little stormy on the way up, but we perservered and ended up with beautiful weather. The whole drive up, both sides of the trail were fields of wildflowers (which my dumb camera does not do justice to). We found a nice little spot overlooking some majestic peaks and had our little dinner. Kevin and Tasha roasted their own marshmallows with very little help from us. Tasha and I picked a bouquet of flowers to enjoy at home. 

The field was covered in purple, blue and white flowers

Our souvenir!


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  1. Beth

    oh wow, i love and miss all the beautiful spring and summer wildflowers!!! great idea and what a great souvenir. someday when i’m slightly less poor and have a smidge more time to travel…

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