Fire, fire!

On Friday, for something different to do, I took the kids to the local firestation. Kevin, like most little boys loves firetrucks, so I thought we could meet the firefighters and look at the trucks. I had no idea that we’d end up spending an hour there! The Fireman Chris told us all about the truck and the different equipment, showed us where the firefighters sleep, had another firefighter slide down the pole for us and…..took us for a RIDE ON THE TRUCK!!!! It was so fun and the kids had a blast. I think I had as much fun as they did. 

Fireman Chris and Fireman Lee, our hosts

Tasha, trying to figure out where the firefighter came from

Tasha and Kevin chillin in the truck

Trying out the radio, fire trucks are LOUD!

Riding on the big truck through the neighborhood






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