Gypsum Daze

Every summer in the next town over from us (10 min away), they have a festival/fair type celebration; complete with parade, food, jalapeno eating contests, clowns, face painting and fun things for the kids to do. We’ve been looking forward to it for a while since just about the whole towns of Eagle and Gypsum come and enjoy the fun! It was really, REALLY hot with no breeze, which made things a little more difficult but we still had a great time nonetheless!

The parade was the first event…the kids took a few minutes to catch on that they could go and get the candy that was being thrown from the floats passing by…

I don’t know what this doggies was supposed to be, but he was cute!

This was Ammon’s favorite part of the parade!

Some pretty flowers

This was my favorite part! The theme of the parade was Once Upon a Time…

Kevin’s favorite part of the parade! Especially after yesterday at the firestation!

I forget what this group was called, but I thought they looked great!


This old car had one of those great old horns that said, A-ooooooooo-ga!

Peter Pan, Captain Hook and the other guy

I call her “rubber-girl”! She was going some amazing stunts. 

This group was playing a “STOMP” style melody and they were really good!

I wish I’d gotten a photo of the end of the parade. The fire trucks turned their hoses on us and soaked everybody! It was a refreshing treat after sitting in the sun for an hour!

Free balloons=happy kids…well, until they take the balloon off their wrist and it flies away

Kevin loves anything that flies, but wasn’t so sure about the noise of the helicopter when it flew over the parade as low as possible….he loved sitting in it though!

You can see the kids and Ammon sitting inside

Here’s the front view…

Here’s Tasha, all buckled and ready to fly

They had an old car’s Ammon’s dream!

He liked this one too

We like the red ones, can you tell?

Waiting in line to go through a blow up thingy

Kevin watching in awe as this cowgirl made him a balloon bunny

Free face painting!

Our beautiful pink butterfly

Our spider-boy posing

Bouncing fun!

Bye-bye helicopter

Our happy boy, despite it being 90 and having spent hours in the sun










  1. Amy

    Yes…the crime doggie! I couldn’t remember his name..thanks Kylene!! Lookin’ good Lauren! You put my “blogging” to shame!

  2. Beth

    ok, glad to see Ky was on top of the McGruff thing. Before i even read the caption i was saying in my head “take a bite out of crime. grrrr”

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