Daddy-Daughter Campout

There was a church campout last weekend, so Ammon and Tasha went for a night and a day. I’m bummed I missed out, but the pictures are so good that I almost feel like I was there! The campsites were by a lake and they had a chance to go canoeing and did a little off-roading the next day too. 

I don’t know details about many of the pictures, so I’ll have to add the descriptions later!

Tasha’s first time in a canoe

As I was re-sizing this on the computer, Tasha told me that she was throwing rocks into the lake for “the dog”…I don’t know what dog, but I guess that’s what she’s doing in this pic!

Tasha took this picture! Her first one!!!! Pretty good for age 4, methinks!

I LOVE this picture. Breathtaking!

The joys of camping…helping yourself to a bag of chips. A kids paradise!


Fun with Friends

So…of course the day that our friends Kylene & Jeremy were scheduled to come, it had to be the most hectic, insane, stressful day…All’s well that ends well I guess because we ended up having a great time anyways. They were only here for less than 24 hours, but it was wonderful to visit and catch up and get to know Jeremy a little better. (Kylene was my college roomie for any who didn’t know)….

Right before they left, we realized we hadn’t taken a picture…so here it is.

Dress up time!

We actually stayed for all three hours of church today and Annika got to wear her first dress. Of course, I’d forgotten that they end up covered in a blanket most of the time, but she looked adorable under the blanket!

So cute!

Posing already!


As usual, Kevin wouldn’t give me a smile for the picture. First I got the “I’m trying not to smile” look…..but finally, he couldn’t hold in his giggles any longer.

More Grandparent Pics

So, it was Sunday night…I’m sitting on the couch realizing that Ellen (ammon’s mom) was here for a whole week, a WEEK, and did we take any pics of her and Annika? Not a one! I was so bummed! At least we’ll see Lee and Ellen again in a month for Annika’s blessing. We’ll have to make up for it then. 

Here are some more pics of my Dad and the kids and Lee and Annika.

Adoring his latest grandchild

Lee and Annika

Papa and the girls

Being silly….runs in the family!

Having a good laugh at our craziness

After the one silly picture, we couldn’t get Tasha to stick her tongue back in!


Baby Days

Things are going well in the Manning household. My two weeks of help were great. I don’t think I could’ve gotten the rest and healing that I needed without it. Thanks to Lee and Ellen! 

My Dad and his fiancee Linda, came to visit over the weekend. We had a great visit, short though it was. Here are some pictures from our weekend.

Dad and the kids

Dad, me, Linda and Annika

Dad, Me and our precious bundle

This is my favorite shot. The kids had a great time with their Papa!

First Days at home..

Tasha has been holding Annika every chance she gets…as I type this, Annika is holding onto her finger. Tasha just told me Annika did a big yawn for a little tiny girl! Anyways, as expected, she is just thrilled with our new addition. She’s been a big help and I’m sure will continue to be so. Kevin wants to help and such as well, but thinks his cars are just as great! Also, to be expected!

First time feeding Annika

Concentrating hard…am I doing it right?

Take two…she’s a pro now!

Kevin’s turn…trying hard NOT to smile

Ok, ok….I can’t hold it in anymore

Daddy and his girls