First Days at home..

Tasha has been holding Annika every chance she gets…as I type this, Annika is holding onto her finger. Tasha just told me Annika did a big yawn for a little tiny girl! Anyways, as expected, she is just thrilled with our new addition. She’s been a big help and I’m sure will continue to be so. Kevin wants to help and such as well, but thinks his cars are just as great! Also, to be expected!

First time feeding Annika

Concentrating hard…am I doing it right?

Take two…she’s a pro now!

Kevin’s turn…trying hard NOT to smile

Ok, ok….I can’t hold it in anymore

Daddy and his girls



  1. Vanessa

    I love the pictures where Natasha and Kevin are holding Annika. I think they are too precious!

  2. Cortney

    Lauren…so cute. You have adorable children. They must get that from their mother. Congratulations. Hope you are having fun with you new addition. Miss you tons.

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