More Grandparent Pics

So, it was Sunday night…I’m sitting on the couch realizing that Ellen (ammon’s mom) was here for a whole week, a WEEK, and did we take any pics of her and Annika? Not a one! I was so bummed! At least we’ll see Lee and Ellen again in a month for Annika’s blessing. We’ll have to make up for it then. 

Here are some more pics of my Dad and the kids and Lee and Annika.

Adoring his latest grandchild

Lee and Annika

Papa and the girls

Being silly….runs in the family!

Having a good laugh at our craziness

After the one silly picture, we couldn’t get Tasha to stick her tongue back in!


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  1. vanessa

    I think that was the first time I have ever seen a pictrure of your Dad. I am glad that you posted them.

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