Daddy-Daughter Campout

There was a church campout last weekend, so Ammon and Tasha went for a night and a day. I’m bummed I missed out, but the pictures are so good that I almost feel like I was there! The campsites were by a lake and they had a chance to go canoeing and did a little off-roading the next day too. 

I don’t know details about many of the pictures, so I’ll have to add the descriptions later!

Tasha’s first time in a canoe

As I was re-sizing this on the computer, Tasha told me that she was throwing rocks into the lake for “the dog”…I don’t know what dog, but I guess that’s what she’s doing in this pic!

Tasha took this picture! Her first one!!!! Pretty good for age 4, methinks!

I LOVE this picture. Breathtaking!

The joys of camping…helping yourself to a bag of chips. A kids paradise!



  1. How fun!! We didn’t get a chance to take the kids camping this year. I was in school for over half of the summer. Oh Well! Next year for sure. Looks like their first Daddy Daughter camping trip was a success!

  2. melissa

    I would have been bummed to miss out on that beauty too. I forgot how beautiful those mountian lakes can be.

    I just spent about 30 minutes catching up on your life. Your little Annika is so beautiful! I love the picture of you holding her in the hospital. And I love the pictures of her proud big sister feeding her. Congrats on having another beautiful little baby!

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