As much as I adore the summer with it’s heat and beautiful flowers, green trees, playing in the water and all that summer represents, I always welcome Fall. I love the earthy smell, the cooler, brisk air, the beautiful changing leaves and all the fall foods. I feel so blessed that we are living where we are to be able to fully enjoy the splendor of the fall season. As I promised, we went on a drive last night and took some pictures of the changing trees….here they are! 

First Smiles!

Annika has been smiling for a few weeks now. Nothing is more rewarding than getting a sweet smile out of this little tiny babe. I caught a little one on camera…I’ll try and get a bigger one to post later.

Mountain Drive

I had Ammon take Mom and the kids on a drive one day to see the changing colors and so Mom could see how breathtaking it is from up on the mountaintops. 

Wish I was there!


A little bit of Colorado Gold…more to come!


The Adoring Sister

Miss Natasha adores being a big sister and I’m sure her love will only increase in time. She’s always helping me with Annika. Her two favorite things to do are to bathe her and change her diaper, however playing with her and singing songs come in close seconds. Sunday night, Tasha layed with Annika for about a half hour, giving her hugs and talking to her. It sure gave me warm fuzzies to see this sight…..

Aren’t they sweet?


Blessing Day

We blessed our dear little Annika on Sunday and we were lucky to have Mom and Ellen here for it. Annika looked darling in her beautiful white dress and Tasha was surprised to hear that she had once worn the very same dress. 

Here’s the photoshoot:

Here’s the whole gang. We’re missing Lee who unfortunately couldn’t be here, so just imagine him sitting beside Ellen.

Here’s the happy family of 5

Grandma Ellen and Annika

Mom and Annika

Our cutie-pies waiting patiently for Annika to join them

This picture shows their true personality I think

I LOVE this picture. These kiddos sure love their grandmas! Poor Kevin was all confused after Grandma arrived. Grammy was already here, so he kept calling Ellen “Grammy” as well. When they were downstairs getting ready for church, he asked me “Where are the two Grammys, Mommy?”

Holding baby sis

Hamming it up…a little cheesy, but at least they’re smiling!

Big sis n lil sis

You can almost read Kevin’s mind….”Another picture?”

My cute almost three year-old

Me and my littlest girl

The princess herself

Pretty baby

I think she liked the feel of the dress. She already has a taste for fancy dresses….must be my daughter!



Playtime at the park

The kids were very excited to show Grammy our next-door park. It’s small, but wonderful because it’s so close and most of the equipment is toddler/preschooler friendly. Tasha has developed a love for pushing people on the swings, so Grammy got a good ride! 

This is the epitomy of being childhood summertime, right here. Swinging on your tummy until you feel sick! Brings back memories! =)

What a ham!

Tasha just learned how to do the monkey bars. I still hold onto her behind just a little bit, more for me than for her. 😉

Mom is still a big kid and had a great time playing with our little munchkins!

The Drive Home

These are sort of random pictures, but they show part of the scenery on the drive from our place to Walmart. I love the changes in landscape as you drive. From red rock mountains to desert-type ones and then to lush green mountains, covered in aspens and evergreens. Speaking of which….I’m planning on taking a drive sometime this week and I’ll post some pics of the trees changing. I know most of you experience the leaves changing, except maybe Beth in Hawaii. However, after living a few different places, I realize how different the fall colors are depending on where you go. 

I love the color contrast between the trees, mountains and blue sky. Isn’t nature beautiful?

Every time we go to Littleton to visit Lee and Ellen, we always feel somewhat at home in that city…but, both Ammon and I agree that the mountains are home and there’s nothing like driving into this view. It can’t compare for us to any city.

Beaver Creek Village

Mom came to visit from Sept 9th-Sept 22nd (today). I didn’t plan a lot because I knew that not only would the kids demand most of our attention, but we’d end up spending most of our time chatting and catching up. One Saturday though, we got a day just to ourselves (well, with Annika too, but you’d hardly know she was there). We went to the shops at Beaver Creek Village. Not so much to shop, ’cause who can afford a shirt for $300 or a glass vase/small flower arrangement for $528.00, but to window shop and enjoy the ambiance. 

The shops are designed to look rather European and are enhanced by a beautiful river, a manmade waterfall and lots of flowers and comfy chairs with outdoor firepits. There are lots of restaurants with outdoor patios and art galleries and jewelry stores to boot! We had a wonderful time walking and talking and looking. 

Here’s Mom and I enjoying our non-shopping

Me and the shops (Annika is sleeping in the front carrier)

Mom, posing by the river. There’s nothing like the soothing sound of a flowing river

Now, for the adventurous part of our day….

They had the chairlift running and I thought it would be fun to go up the mountain because the view from the top is so spectacular. After finding out it cost $20/person, I decided we’d forego my great idea. However, the nice lady who was running the lift told us to go ahead, free of charge. We just wanted to go to the top and back down anyways. So, without another thought, Mom and I hopped on the lift…..We were about 15 feet in the air when we realized that the lift operator hadn’t put the bar down and our legs were dangling over a big drop of nothingness….Mom said to me, “I’m afraid of heights”….I burst out “Me too!” and realizing the ridiculousness (word?) of the situation, we had a good 10 min long session of gut-busting belly laughs. Finally, I got the courage to reach up and pull the safety bar down, which helped us to feel just a little bit better. At least we had something to rest our feet on. A little prayer helped and we got off on the top to take some pictures and recoup for the ride back down! 

The view from the top….sigh…I never get tired of looking at that

The two scaredy-cats 

Going down, down, down

View of the village from the chairlift


The SWAMP MAN…..(coming to a swamp near you!)

Ammon has been back in the paintball-swing of things since we moved to Eagle. The youth and guys at church often go and Ammon is thrilled to join them. Even our kids have had a go at the paintball gun and think it’s great fun to splat paint all over the place. (with Daddy’s help, of course) 

If you know Ammon at all, you know he’s an all or nothing kind of guy, a black or white, thorough, throw himself into it dude….so, without further ado….I present…..


Can you see him?

Ok, it’s really called a GHILLY SUIT and I guess snipers use it to blend into their surroundings. Ammon has been working on this thing for a little over a month and has been teased mercilessly by me…it’s most commonly been the “swamp-man suit”, but at one point, was a grass skirt, and a dress and cousin it….Ammon can’t wait to try it out when he’s in the woods paintballing. Try and get him now! Don’t you love him!!!! =)