Beaver Creek Village

Mom came to visit from Sept 9th-Sept 22nd (today). I didn’t plan a lot because I knew that not only would the kids demand most of our attention, but we’d end up spending most of our time chatting and catching up. One Saturday though, we got a day just to ourselves (well, with Annika too, but you’d hardly know she was there). We went to the shops at Beaver Creek Village. Not so much to shop, ’cause who can afford a shirt for $300 or a glass vase/small flower arrangement for $528.00, but to window shop and enjoy the ambiance. 

The shops are designed to look rather European and are enhanced by a beautiful river, a manmade waterfall and lots of flowers and comfy chairs with outdoor firepits. There are lots of restaurants with outdoor patios and art galleries and jewelry stores to boot! We had a wonderful time walking and talking and looking. 

Here’s Mom and I enjoying our non-shopping

Me and the shops (Annika is sleeping in the front carrier)

Mom, posing by the river. There’s nothing like the soothing sound of a flowing river

Now, for the adventurous part of our day….

They had the chairlift running and I thought it would be fun to go up the mountain because the view from the top is so spectacular. After finding out it cost $20/person, I decided we’d forego my great idea. However, the nice lady who was running the lift told us to go ahead, free of charge. We just wanted to go to the top and back down anyways. So, without another thought, Mom and I hopped on the lift…..We were about 15 feet in the air when we realized that the lift operator hadn’t put the bar down and our legs were dangling over a big drop of nothingness….Mom said to me, “I’m afraid of heights”….I burst out “Me too!” and realizing the ridiculousness (word?) of the situation, we had a good 10 min long session of gut-busting belly laughs. Finally, I got the courage to reach up and pull the safety bar down, which helped us to feel just a little bit better. At least we had something to rest our feet on. A little prayer helped and we got off on the top to take some pictures and recoup for the ride back down! 

The view from the top….sigh…I never get tired of looking at that

The two scaredy-cats 

Going down, down, down

View of the village from the chairlift


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