Blessing Day

We blessed our dear little Annika on Sunday and we were lucky to have Mom and Ellen here for it. Annika looked darling in her beautiful white dress and Tasha was surprised to hear that she had once worn the very same dress. 

Here’s the photoshoot:

Here’s the whole gang. We’re missing Lee who unfortunately couldn’t be here, so just imagine him sitting beside Ellen.

Here’s the happy family of 5

Grandma Ellen and Annika

Mom and Annika

Our cutie-pies waiting patiently for Annika to join them

This picture shows their true personality I think

I LOVE this picture. These kiddos sure love their grandmas! Poor Kevin was all confused after Grandma arrived. Grammy was already here, so he kept calling Ellen “Grammy” as well. When they were downstairs getting ready for church, he asked me “Where are the two Grammys, Mommy?”

Holding baby sis

Hamming it up…a little cheesy, but at least they’re smiling!

Big sis n lil sis

You can almost read Kevin’s mind….”Another picture?”

My cute almost three year-old

Me and my littlest girl

The princess herself

Pretty baby

I think she liked the feel of the dress. She already has a taste for fancy dresses….must be my daughter!



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