The Drive Home

These are sort of random pictures, but they show part of the scenery on the drive from our place to Walmart. I love the changes in landscape as you drive. From red rock mountains to desert-type ones and then to lush green mountains, covered in aspens and evergreens. Speaking of which….I’m planning on taking a drive sometime this week and I’ll post some pics of the trees changing. I know most of you experience the leaves changing, except maybe Beth in Hawaii. However, after living a few different places, I realize how different the fall colors are depending on where you go. 

I love the color contrast between the trees, mountains and blue sky. Isn’t nature beautiful?

Every time we go to Littleton to visit Lee and Ellen, we always feel somewhat at home in that city…but, both Ammon and I agree that the mountains are home and there’s nothing like driving into this view. It can’t compare for us to any city.

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