The SWAMP MAN…..(coming to a swamp near you!)

Ammon has been back in the paintball-swing of things since we moved to Eagle. The youth and guys at church often go and Ammon is thrilled to join them. Even our kids have had a go at the paintball gun and think it’s great fun to splat paint all over the place. (with Daddy’s help, of course) 

If you know Ammon at all, you know he’s an all or nothing kind of guy, a black or white, thorough, throw himself into it dude….so, without further ado….I present…..


Can you see him?

Ok, it’s really called a GHILLY SUIT and I guess snipers use it to blend into their surroundings. Ammon has been working on this thing for a little over a month and has been teased mercilessly by me…it’s most commonly been the “swamp-man suit”, but at one point, was a grass skirt, and a dress and cousin it….Ammon can’t wait to try it out when he’s in the woods paintballing. Try and get him now! Don’t you love him!!!! =)

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