I’ve been tagged….numerous times….

So, lots of people have tagged me, but I’ve never followed through because well…TIME! (or lack thereof). But here I am finally getting to it. I’m responding to a tag by my friend Vanessa Wuehler…


1. Seeing Annika smile

2. Watching Ammon play with the kids

3. Smelling fragrant flowers



1. Something happening to one of my kids

2. Heights

3. Not teaching my kids everything they need to know to become well-adjusted adults


Current Obsessions/Collections

1. Finding yummy dairy-free recipes (because I have to, not because I want to!)

2. Getting back into shape

3. Getting my closets organized


Surprising Facts

1. I always thought I would marry a guy with brown hair (I married a blond, but now have a brunnette for a husband)

2. I like brussel sprouts

3. I’m really not very creative, but would like to be! 


Three babies and a playgym…

Tasha loves to take pictures. Too bad that she doesn’t get the chance very often. If Kevin saw her taking pictures, he would want to as well and….let’s just say, he’s all boy. Chances are we’d have a broken camera when he was done with it. Here’s Tasha’s latest work:

Annika is finding her hands and learning to control them better. She surprised herself the other day when she hit one of these toys and it moved and rattled!

Pretending to be asleep

They couldn’t hold in their giggles any longer!

Sunday Pictures

I think Sunday is my favorite day to take pictures because we already dressed up from church. Here are a few from this past Sunday….I figured we needed some more recent pics of Annika. It’s hard to find time once you get to your third kid, but I definately don’t want her to be one of those kids that doesn’t have any baby pics because she’s the last one!

If only Tasha had been really smiling in this pic! I tried really hard to get a pic that both of them were smiling in, but it didn’t happen… so here’s a better one of Tasha, loving her sister…


Me and my little snuggle-bum!

Tractor Cake

We had a little party for Kevin on Saturday with a couple of his friends. It was nothing fancy, just cake and presents and a little game. It was sort of a disney’s “CARS” themed party, although the cake was another story….back in the spring, I asked Tasha what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday. She told me and then promptly asked Kevin what kind he wanted for his and asked by saying…”you want a tractor cake, Kevin?” Now, he does like tractors, just as much as any other motorized vehicle, but it was still somewhat random. Somehow, he never forgot that and insisted on a tractor cake…


Kevin and his friends

CARS jammies! It doesn’t get better than that!

Leap pad

He couldn’t wait until we were done singing to blow out his candles!

The birthday boy!





Classic Kevin

Oh Kevin, Kevin, Kevin….he was my little angel baby who turned into my little firecracker toddler and seems to be volleying between the two now. As I write this, he’s sitting beside me snuggling with me and giving me kisses, but in five minutes, he’ll be stripping down to his birthday suit, playing in an imaginary pool in the basement and peeing on the beanbag chair! Here is how I found him this morning, when his pants “weren’t working”!!!

Hopefully this isn’t his outfit of choice for preschool next year!

Mommy’s helper

Tasha continues to be a great helper for me with Annika…changing diapers is still a novelty (wonder when that one will wear off?), she holds her whenever she can and is wonderful at entertaining her and keeping her happy. Annika is quite content to sit and stare and grin in awe at her big sister. I was able to catch a cute sister moment on camera..