Classic Kevin

Oh Kevin, Kevin, Kevin….he was my little angel baby who turned into my little firecracker toddler and seems to be volleying between the two now. As I write this, he’s sitting beside me snuggling with me and giving me kisses, but in five minutes, he’ll be stripping down to his birthday suit, playing in an imaginary pool in the basement and peeing on the beanbag chair! Here is how I found him this morning, when his pants “weren’t working”!!!

Hopefully this isn’t his outfit of choice for preschool next year!

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  1. melissa

    Is that Ammon’s boy or what? My little Dani is a total stripper too. I have to make her put her pants on at least 10 times a day. I love the backpack – great touch! I love that precious picture of your girls too. I wish that mine did that more instead of making each other scream constantly. I’m sure that they just need to mature a little right 🙂
    Oh, and I love the blessing pictures. You look GREAT, the blessing dress is beautiful, and that little Kevin is so handsome in his little jacket! What a cute family you have!

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