I’ve been tagged….numerous times….

So, lots of people have tagged me, but I’ve never followed through because well…TIME! (or lack thereof). But here I am finally getting to it. I’m responding to a tag by my friend Vanessa Wuehler…


1. Seeing Annika smile

2. Watching Ammon play with the kids

3. Smelling fragrant flowers



1. Something happening to one of my kids

2. Heights

3. Not teaching my kids everything they need to know to become well-adjusted adults


Current Obsessions/Collections

1. Finding yummy dairy-free recipes (because I have to, not because I want to!)

2. Getting back into shape

3. Getting my closets organized


Surprising Facts

1. I always thought I would marry a guy with brown hair (I married a blond, but now have a brunnette for a husband)

2. I like brussel sprouts

3. I’m really not very creative, but would like to be! 



  1. Melissa Welker

    It always makes me jealous when I hear about people organizing their closets. It seems like no matter how much you organize them, they can always be more organized.

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