Royal Rascals

Prince Kevin and Princess Natasha

At the church halloween party

Supergirl and the “Bush”

Ammon’s handiwork…yes, he made this! Thank goodness there’s one talented tailor in the house!

Tasha’s Words

First, I have to apologize to all our loyal blog-readers….It’s been a while since I posted, but for good reason. I was having trouble uploading pics and never seemed to remember to tell Ammon when he was home to fix the problem. So, it’s all fixed and here I am!

Tasha and I were doing some crafts at the table today and she told me she was making a picture for Great-Nana Bruyea. Nana recently broke her arm and Tasha and Kevin have talked about it ever since. Tasha says to me, “Mom? Does Nana have to get a new arm?” I tried hard to hide my convulsions of laughter and explained to her about casts and how broken arms are fixed. 

If that conversation wasn’t enough. She started telling me about her kids and how one of them is 18. I said, “He’s old enough to go to college”. Tasha told me very decidedly that she didn’t want to go to college. I told her how important education is and how our Heavenly Father wants us to learn all we can. She said, “But, Mom, I know lots of stuff….like Kangaroo’s and how they hop and dinosaurs….” =) 

Oh if life were this simple! 

Back to my crafting….