Bad Day, Bad Week!

I’ve been having a particularily hard week this week, nothing seemed to go very well and I was late to EVERYTHING I did. The kids were ok, but not really listening to me and I was attempting to get Annika on a bottle, which was near impossible. Finally, today I just broke down into tears and sat on the couch. Kevin crawled into my lap and said “Mommy are you mad?” I said no. He asked me why I was crying and I said I felt sad. I explained that I just had too much to do and couldn’t do it all. He piped up and said “I’ll help you Mom! I’ll sweep!” Then Tasha added her two cents “I’ll help you wash the clothes and do the dishes!” 

Of course, as I’m writing this, they’re fighting over who’s going to do what and Kevin keeps smacking the broom on the floor and almost knocking over half the things in the house with it….but it still made me so grateful that I have two sweet, thoughtful children who want to help!

I guess I’ve done one small thing right!

What I love to do by Natasha Manning

Today, Mommy let me paint letters that spell Annika’s name that will hang in her room. I was sooo excited! I love to paint! Mom asked me why, but I can’t explain it, it’s just fun to me!

Here’s a picture of me doing it:


I liked this picture the best out of all the ones that Mom took. She said I looked pretty and I thought I did too!

Some other things I love to do….

1) Play with baby dolls-duh!

2) Play with Kevin; especially playing cars

3) Love being near Mommy

4) Giving toys to Annika and making her dance

5) Helping Daddy with stuff (cleaning “Jack” and other things)

6) Dancing

7) To pretend to be married with Kevin (Mommy is laughing!)

8)  Playing the game “Cootie” 

9) Watching movies, anything with princesses, they’re the best!

10) Feeding babies (real and baby-dolls. I like to give the baby-dolls soda in a bottle)

11) Help Mom put dishes away

That’s all for now….

Another Snowy lover?

Tasha put “Snowy” down on Annika’s saucer while Annika was playing in the saucer and Annika promptly picked him up and started loving on him….oh no! We might have to stock up on some more of them while we still can!


Trying to hide a smile behind the hand


A little sass showing!

Little Miss Helper

Tasha is still very much my little Mommy helper, although I’ve had to keep a closer eye on her lately as she’s started to get more gutsy. I caught her picking up Annika out of the crib the other day. A HUGE no-no at our house. She holds Annika daily when sitting down, but only when Mom or Dad give Annika to her. 

Now her thing, of course, is that she loves to feed her. Why not? It’s like a life-size doll!


Thanks Sis, this stuff is great!


Here’s the picture I promised of Annika eating her grub. She really fusses for her food the past few days, whereas before she would rather nurse than eat real food. 



Overheard in the backseat

Yesterday, the kids and I ran some errands and then we made a stop at the animal shelter. It’s kind of a common occurrence around here since there aren’t any pet stores around and the kids love animals. On the way home in the car, Tasha and Kevin were having a good time chatting for a change (instead of hitting each other) and I heard Tasha say:

 “Kevin, you see up in the sky between those clouds? That’s where Jesus is.” 

Kevin: “But I don’t see Jesus”

Tasha: “That’s because he lives way down in Heaven.” 

Kevin: “Ohhh”

Peas and Carrots and Squash-oh my!

I guess our littlest girl is growing up! Too fast it seems, although I can’t wait for when I actually get to eat whatever I want without restriction…

In the past month, she’s been enjoying a wide variety of foods. She’s not as enthusiastic about the food as Kevin was at this age, but she definately enjoys her food. As a result, little miss spit-up is no longer! Yay! No more meds for our baby. 

I’ll post a pic later of her eating.

Our Girls

Tasha wanted me to take a picture of her and Annika on Sunday and if Tasha actually wants us to take a picture of her, we have to take advantage of it ’cause those times are few and far between. I couldn’t get Annika to smile to save my life. She was too interested in looking at the camera. I thought it was sweet anyways!


Dinnertime at Our House-Part II

Well all’s well that ends well they say….Tasha actually ate all of her dinner and Kevin finally put on his undies!

Tonight, Tasha informed us that she wanted to attempt a pull-up free night (translation: panties to bed…). She has never woken up dry in her entire 4 1/2 years, Here’s to praying for a good night’s sleep….

Dinnertime at our house….

So, Ammon had to go meet someone tonight who was going to help him weld something on Jack. I get the joyous task of feeding dinner to three crazy children….mind you Annika was sleeping through all this and I was feeding them leftovers. 

This series of events lasted from 5:15-5:35pm:

5:15: Kevin whining because he wants water. I try and fill up his cup during which he knocks it out of my hand because he’s mad that I didn’t let him do it himself.

5:17: Kevin whining because he’s cold and wants a sweater, but not the one that Daddy got him before he left the house. I tell him nicely that if he’ll go get one from his room, I would be happy to help him put it on. He collapses on the ground, heartbroken and scream-cries until he forgets what he’s crying about and goes to play with Tasha. And by play I mean annoy; pushing his head into hers as she screams that he’s in her way.

5:19: I warm up their leftover pizza and put some yogurt on the plate, making sure they have exactly the same plate and serving sizes. Kevin throws a fit because I gave him the wrong one. 

5:21: I try to figure out what i can eat, attempting to choose from the other leftovers in the fridge. As I’m looking up recipes for non-dairy sauces I could make to go on my noodles, Kevin starts playing with his water and soaks his pants and ends up with yogurt all over his pizza. Tasha is also playing with her yogurt and picking apart her pizza till it no longer resembles anything I’d ever want to put in my mouth.

5:25: Tasha gets up to go potty. Kevin decides she’s been gone too long and goes to find her. I encourage him to keep eating and he continues to gargle his yogurt and spill water all over his plate, so I decide he’s all done and put his food on the counter. 

5:28:  Tasha is still going potty and informs me she threw some storybooks in the trash because Kevin peed on them. I had cleaned them but she didn’t know, so she takes them back out of the trash. She finally decides she’s done and informs me that her panties are wet, yet again. She goes upstairs to change.

5:29: Kevin goes potty and takes about 5 min to wash his hands and I catch him playing in the water. Tasha returns from her room with clean undies on and wants to wash her hands and as she enters the bathroom, Kevin shouts at her that she’s not allowed to wash her hands, pinches her, turns off the water and the light, leaving her crying in the dark. 

5:35: During all this time, I probably told Kevin 10-15 times to go get his underwear back on, but he’s still running around, sans-pants and undies.

And I am sighing……