What I love to do by Natasha Manning

Today, Mommy let me paint letters that spell Annika’s name that will hang in her room. I was sooo excited! I love to paint! Mom asked me why, but I can’t explain it, it’s just fun to me!

Here’s a picture of me doing it:


I liked this picture the best out of all the ones that Mom took. She said I looked pretty and I thought I did too!

Some other things I love to do….

1) Play with baby dolls-duh!

2) Play with Kevin; especially playing cars

3) Love being near Mommy

4) Giving toys to Annika and making her dance

5) Helping Daddy with stuff (cleaning “Jack” and other things)

6) Dancing

7) To pretend to be married with Kevin (Mommy is laughing!)

8)  Playing the game “Cootie” 

9) Watching movies, anything with princesses, they’re the best!

10) Feeding babies (real and baby-dolls. I like to give the baby-dolls soda in a bottle)

11) Help Mom put dishes away

That’s all for now….

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