Bad Day, Bad Week!

I’ve been having a particularily hard week this week, nothing seemed to go very well and I was late to EVERYTHING I did. The kids were ok, but not really listening to me and I was attempting to get Annika on a bottle, which was near impossible. Finally, today I just broke down into tears and sat on the couch. Kevin crawled into my lap and said “Mommy are you mad?” I said no. He asked me why I was crying and I said I felt sad. I explained that I just had too much to do and couldn’t do it all. He piped up and said “I’ll help you Mom! I’ll sweep!” Then Tasha added her two cents “I’ll help you wash the clothes and do the dishes!” 

Of course, as I’m writing this, they’re fighting over who’s going to do what and Kevin keeps smacking the broom on the floor and almost knocking over half the things in the house with it….but it still made me so grateful that I have two sweet, thoughtful children who want to help!

I guess I’ve done one small thing right!


  1. Melanie

    Sorry your week has been so rough. I think it happens to us all. Life just gets overwhelming sometimes.

    You are lucky to have some great little kids who are so concerned about your welfare.

    This is a new week! I am sure it will be better.

  2. Alisa

    I hope you had a better week! I’ve been thinking about you and need to call you! I’ve been going crazy this week! Any time you need to talk- call me!!!

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