I’m in LOVE!!!!!

I love Pottery Barn but never ever shop there because….well, I’m just too cheap-even for their clearance!! However, I’ve been eyeing this pottery barn quilt/bedding set in a consignment store near us for at least 6 or 7 months. 

Tasha’s room is pink and green; with a Hawaiian-flower theme and since she and Annika will probably be sharing a room before the year is over, I’ll be needing something that matches.


This will be perfect!!!! Lucky for me, they finally had a great sale and I got the set 50% off!

Potty success-again!

Kevin did great on his second day. Only 2 accidents and he woke up dry again this morning. Here’s our proud boy:


I call this “Chicken in Boots” !!! He was excited to try on new boots that had nothing to do with potty training.

A Miracle!

We started potty training Kevin yesterday, much to my dismay. I have to admit though, that it went surprisingly well with only 4 accidents! I know he’s over 3, so you’d hope he’d do well at this age, but I tried it about 4 months ago and he was having accidents like every 20 minutes, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. 

The two-part miracle is that he slept in his undies last night and only had ONE accident and came to tell us too; and Annika went to bed at 7:30 last night!!!!!!!! Double-whammy, in a good way! Woo hoo! Let’s just say that I was thrilled to have my first bubble-bath in 6 months and to have an hour allllll to myself. Sigh….Thank you Heavenly Father!

Stinky Bells and some other Christmas song

Stinky Bells is Kevin’s version of “Jingle Bells”….he’s not trying to be funny, but that’s just how jingle bells sounds when he sings it. It cracks us up everytime he belts out the tune.

Tasha has her own parody, but I wish I could remember which song it was and what it was that she sang…I think it might be Santa Claus is Coming to Town. Once I remember her version, I’ll blog it!

Only in Colorado…

Ok, well maybe it would happen other places…I apologize for not having a photo to go with this post! Ammon posted pictures of the Elk the other day. We’ve had about 100 head of Elk in the field behind our townhome complex for the past two weeks and it’s awesome to look out there and see them grazing and lazing and all the things they do.

By far, the coolest thing I’ve seen was about 10 Elk, having dinner with a couple horses that live down the street. The horses seemed very blase about the whole thing. It looked like they were having a little dinner party. They must be good friends now because I see them eating together every few days. 😉


I’ve had some requests for more recent pictures of Annika. I’m going to try and make a more concentrated effort to take pics in general this year. It’s going to be a challenge considering how busy life seems to get, but I’ll try! 

Here’s Annika yesterday….She just learned how to move some of the toys on her own, so she can entertain herself for a while in the saucer. YAY! 


I think she kind of looks like a doll!

More Snow!

Today we woke up to see it starting to snow again.  It hasn’t stopped all day, and we have about 6-8″ so far from this storm.  The elk decided there was too much snow up high so they came down to bed in our backyard.  (or at least close to it!)

Sorry for the bad pictures, we don’t have the best camera for taking shots like this. 🙁

Front Walk Way

Front walk way



View from master bedroom