Hot Date!

So, Ammon and I actually got to go on a date last night-first time in 4 months!! We’ve never been great at the once a week date thing, probably because we have these three sweet things called, oh ya, Kids!!!!

Last night, however we got treated to the most fabulous place. It’s a restaurant called “Spago” at the Ritz Carleton in Beaver Creek, Co. We went with friends and ad incredible food, great service and wonderful company. It was really a fantastic evening. My only let-down was that I had forgotten to put the memory card back in my camera, so we don’t have any photos of our night out. Bummer! Luckily, at least there are some pics online of the food that we ate and the hotel, so you get a little insight.

The hotel itself is very rustic, in a classy kind of way. Lots of stone and wood and lanterns on the walls.

The restaurant is rather chic and more modern looking. There were three courses and a server for each person, so things were served at exactly the same time.

To start, compliments of the chef, we were given these:


It’s spicy tuna tatare in sesame-miso tuile cones. Not a huge fan of raw fish, but this was super-yummy!

Next, I had an INCREDIBLE Pumpkin Soup with a ginger crab cake and lime-something or other sauce. The presentation on this was amazing! The bowl came only with the crab cake in the middle with the dots of lime sauce in the bowl and then they pour/swirled the soup into the bowl. It was to DIE for. It seriously tasted like dessert.

For my main course, I had a crusted Kobe beef with a whole-grain mustard sauce, turnip puree, and broccolini with pine nuts. This beef was the best beef I have ever had. It practically melted in your mouth. I found out why. They literally massage the cow throughout it’s life before it’s slaughtered.

To end, I had a melted chocolate cake. Pretty good, but nothing compared to the rest of the meal. Ammon had this:


Crème FraÎche Soufflé Pancake
with Sautéed Seascape Strawberries

After dinner, we went on a tour and saw some of the rooms. Even the standard was not standard. My favorite of course, was a residential suite. It was about 900sqft and had a two sided fireplace, a huge dining table, a study, deep jetted tub with a huge walk-in shower and plush robes and well, you get the picture. It was awesome! That sweet goes for $5,000/night. Um, ya. Not stayin’ there anytime soon, but it was awesome to see.

Possibly my favorite part about the whole hotel was the table of temptation that sat in the hallway by the suites. There were glass jars full of truffles and cookies and candies and oh, it was a sweet-tooths delight!

Tasha’s First Talk

Tasha was asked to give her first little talk today in Primary (like Sunday school). The them was “I came to earth as part of a family.” Nothing drives me nuts more than when a kid gives a talk or hands in an assignment in school and it’s obvious that the parent wrote it. I don’t think so! So, Tasha and I sat down for a few minutes and I told her what the talk was about and then she told me what she wanted to say. I put it all together of course, but she had to do some work too. 

Here’s what she said…

“I came to earth as part of a family. In family there is me, my brother Kevin, my baby sister Annika, my Mommy and my Daddy. Heavenly Father knew we needed families to love and care for us. I am happy to be part of a family and know that families are forever. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen. ”

I think she was pretty nervous beforehand because she kept telling me that she wanted to leave right after sacrament meeting, but I helped her “read” her talk and she did great! =)

Impromptu Photoshoot

When Annika woke up from her nap today, I decided that I needed to take a picture of her. She’s growing up too fast and I feel like her babyhood is escaping me already! I have a gazillion pics of Tasha and Kevin as a baby, but find that the opportunities to take pictures now are few and far between. After about 20 pictures, I finally got some good ones, although not of Annika by herself. I probably should have waited till after her bottle if I wanted smiles from her too, but oh well!


Timing was off, but at least you can see Annika was amused. Tasha was doing a fake smile, but at least I have a picture.


Another one


Miracles do exist! Tasha AND Kevin smiling and all three kids looking at the camera!! Maybe I should take pics on Sunday more often.


I guess these two are pretty similar, but oh well


One last shot, more snuggly this time.


Kevin being a boy


The other day while I was trying to put Annika down to sleep, she seemed rather bothered. I wasn’t sure at first if it was because she was tired or if it was something else. I quickly figured it out when she grabbed both fistfuls of my hair, pulled my head towards her mouth and started gnawing on my chin! I felt around in her mouth and sure enough-the bottom two middle teeth had poked through! Her first teeth!!!! Pictures to come when they’re all the way through!!!

Sweetest Moment

The other day, I was putting away laundry and had plopped Annika down on a mattress in her room. I went into the kids room for a minute and came back to find Tasha sitting beside Annika with about 5 books and was “reading” them all to her, Annika looking at them intently. Tasha has also been thrilled to be able to finally feed Annika baby food and takes any opportunity she can to help out.


Doesn’t just looking at them melt your heart? Ok, well I’m the Mom, but still, they’re so cute!

Our Weekend 2/14-2/16

Kevin has been doing a session of swimming lessons for the past 6 weeks, courtesy of Great-Nana and Papa. It’s been a fun thing for him to look forward to and I think maybe he learned a little bit, but mostly he just had fun being in the water and trying the teacher’s patience by not listening to her, splashing the other kids and wandering away in the water. But hey, he’s 3! We’ll probably not attempt another round of swimming lessons for him until maybe the Fall. 


After swimming, I came home and fetched Tasha and the three of us went to enjoy a free family fun fair, minus Ammon and Annika. These family fun fairs seem to occur every so often in our little town and are a great time, especially in the middle of winter. They have those bouncy things and pony rides, rock-climbing walls and bungy-jumping, face-painting and then lots of food that you can buy. We only got around to the pony rides, bouncy castle and face-painting this time. There were a lot of people and long lines. We had a great ole time though and it was nice to have quality time with just Tasha and Kevin without the distraction of a baby.




Spidey and Kitty. I took Tasha to Costco after this to pick up some things. She was well-admired by fellow shoppers! No one tried to pet her head though. 😉


Here’s Kevin riding the pony. It totally looks like he was doing it all by himself. There was actually someone leading him, but it looks really impressive! He had fun.

The best part of my whole weekend was that Sat/Sun Ammon weaned Annika!!!!!! She is now officially a bottle-baby and I can eat WHATEVER I WANT!!!!!! Woo hoo! I had pizza for lunch yesterday and cheesecake for dinner! Yum! =) No, that won’t be my normal diet, but hello after six months a girl is entitled to a little splurge. =) Let’s just say I’m feeling very grateful to Ammon for doing this for me and giving me a little more freedom and a lot less stress! Annika still has some quirks, like she seems to only want the bottle when you’re standing up, holding her upright-none of this laying down business thanks! And she’s still getting into a groove of going to sleep at night, but hey, I’ll take it!


Ok, so it’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything, so here we go….


Tasha came upstairs in this dazzling outfit one day. Note the swimsuit like thing under the dress-up clothes. That would be a size 12 months onesie. Hmmmm, maybe we need to feed her more?!


This was sometime in January. We acted out the story of Jesus’ birth around Christmas time and so Tasha was playing Mary and Kevin was just a random king. I thought they were cute!


There was no reason for this picture, other than that she’s cute and growing up way too fast!


As part of the “middle child syndrome”, or maybe it’s just a boy thing, some days Kevin feels the almost constant need to have me watch him perform these little moves. Here’s one for you!


Paul and Julina came up to Eagle for an impromptu visit a few weekends ago. We had a nice visit and the kids had fun with Paul!


Tasha had her own stylist while Auntie Julina was visiting….




To all our loyal blog-checkers out there (you know who you are!), I apologize for my lack of posts. Things haven’t been very blog-worthy lately, as we’ve all been sick, sick, sick! We’re on the mend now, so I promise there are some to come soon. And thanks for caring!