Ok, so it’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything, so here we go….


Tasha came upstairs in this dazzling outfit one day. Note the swimsuit like thing under the dress-up clothes. That would be a size 12 months onesie. Hmmmm, maybe we need to feed her more?!


This was sometime in January. We acted out the story of Jesus’ birth around Christmas time and so Tasha was playing Mary and Kevin was just a random king. I thought they were cute!


There was no reason for this picture, other than that she’s cute and growing up way too fast!


As part of the “middle child syndrome”, or maybe it’s just a boy thing, some days Kevin feels the almost constant need to have me watch him perform these little moves. Here’s one for you!


Paul and Julina came up to Eagle for an impromptu visit a few weekends ago. We had a nice visit and the kids had fun with Paul!


Tasha had her own stylist while Auntie Julina was visiting….



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