Our Weekend 2/14-2/16

Kevin has been doing a session of swimming lessons for the past 6 weeks, courtesy of Great-Nana and Papa. It’s been a fun thing for him to look forward to and I think maybe he learned a little bit, but mostly he just had fun being in the water and trying the teacher’s patience by not listening to her, splashing the other kids and wandering away in the water. But hey, he’s 3! We’ll probably not attempt another round of swimming lessons for him until maybe the Fall. 


After swimming, I came home and fetched Tasha and the three of us went to enjoy a free family fun fair, minus Ammon and Annika. These family fun fairs seem to occur every so often in our little town and are a great time, especially in the middle of winter. They have those bouncy things and pony rides, rock-climbing walls and bungy-jumping, face-painting and then lots of food that you can buy. We only got around to the pony rides, bouncy castle and face-painting this time. There were a lot of people and long lines. We had a great ole time though and it was nice to have quality time with just Tasha and Kevin without the distraction of a baby.




Spidey and Kitty. I took Tasha to Costco after this to pick up some things. She was well-admired by fellow shoppers! No one tried to pet her head though. 😉


Here’s Kevin riding the pony. It totally looks like he was doing it all by himself. There was actually someone leading him, but it looks really impressive! He had fun.

The best part of my whole weekend was that Sat/Sun Ammon weaned Annika!!!!!! She is now officially a bottle-baby and I can eat WHATEVER I WANT!!!!!! Woo hoo! I had pizza for lunch yesterday and cheesecake for dinner! Yum! =) No, that won’t be my normal diet, but hello after six months a girl is entitled to a little splurge. =) Let’s just say I’m feeling very grateful to Ammon for doing this for me and giving me a little more freedom and a lot less stress! Annika still has some quirks, like she seems to only want the bottle when you’re standing up, holding her upright-none of this laying down business thanks! And she’s still getting into a groove of going to sleep at night, but hey, I’ll take it!

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