Sweetest Moment

The other day, I was putting away laundry and had plopped Annika down on a mattress in her room. I went into the kids room for a minute and came back to find Tasha sitting beside Annika with about 5 books and was “reading” them all to her, Annika looking at them intently. Tasha has also been thrilled to be able to finally feed Annika baby food and takes any opportunity she can to help out.


Doesn’t just looking at them melt your heart? Ok, well I’m the Mom, but still, they’re so cute!


  1. Hooray. I loved getting caught up on your blog. I’m also sooooo excited about Annika taking the bottle. If I were you, I’d eat everything cheesey and dairy and delicious for the next 6 months!

  2. Mom

    Being Grammy, of course my heart is melting just looking at “Little Mom” i.e. also “Little Miss Helpful” with sister Annika.”

    I think its time you had some nice chocolate swirl cheesecake Lauren!!!! You may have to enroll at Curves while your are at it!


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