Impromptu Photoshoot

When Annika woke up from her nap today, I decided that I needed to take a picture of her. She’s growing up too fast and I feel like her babyhood is escaping me already! I have a gazillion pics of Tasha and Kevin as a baby, but find that the opportunities to take pictures now are few and far between. After about 20 pictures, I finally got some good ones, although not of Annika by herself. I probably should have waited till after her bottle if I wanted smiles from her too, but oh well!


Timing was off, but at least you can see Annika was amused. Tasha was doing a fake smile, but at least I have a picture.


Another one


Miracles do exist! Tasha AND Kevin smiling and all three kids looking at the camera!! Maybe I should take pics on Sunday more often.


I guess these two are pretty similar, but oh well


One last shot, more snuggly this time.


Kevin being a boy

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  1. Mom

    Kevin being a boy cracked me up!! Thank you, I needed this!

    I love the group shots — Tasha “the little mom” & Annika looks so adorable & yup she has changed a lot!

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