Mormon Temples

Visit the LDS Newsroom to read the Church’s official statement on an upcoming episode of HBO’s Big Love that is said to depict temple ceremonies. If you would like to learn more, watch the video below that explains why we build temples.

Upon hearing that “Big Love”  was going to show part of our temple ceremony, especially being such a show that blurs the lines between what is really Mormonism and what is not, I was disgusted and horrified. The temple and it’s goings on are sacred, not secret and it’s necessary that those who go through the temple have built a foundation of faith and living and understanding the gospel in their lives first before entering.

It’s like anything in life. You can’t tell a child how to solve a calculus problem and expect them to understand how and why we solve it that way unless you teach them the necessary foundations of mathematics first. It’s that simple.

So please, friends and family if you watched this show don’t judge what we believe or how we worship our Father in Heaven without proper understanding. If you have questions about what we believe, form your opinions on conversations and questions you’ve had with us, not information you’ve received from outside sources.

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