One of those moments you live for….

Anyone who knows Kevin, or has read this blog, knows that Kevin is my challenge at this stage in my life. He’s a super-active, super-sassy, silly, mischievious baby-Ammon who likes to push his Mommy’s buttons and get his obedient older sister in trouble.

Well, luckily for me, this little handful also has a sweet side and lately he’s been showing me this part of him at mealtime. Almost everyday at lunch or dinner, he’ll spontaneously get down from his chair and come over to me and say, “Yummy. Thank you Mommy” and give me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Not only does it make me feel appreciated for trying to make something yummy and nutritious, but it wipes away the memories of the previous few hours of chaos he’s created for me and replaces it with warm fuzzies. It’s one of those moments you live for as a Mother…

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  1. melissa

    Oh, what a sweetie! Those are the things that are rewarding about being a mom. We need those little things as moms.

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