Ain’t that the truth!

The other day the kids were helping Ammon with a messy task and after they had washed their hands, we noticed Tasha must have touched around her eyes because she looked like someone punched her. Ammon got a wet wipe and was wiping it off of her face, so naturally Kevin thought that he must have gotten some around his eyes too. Next thing you know, he has two wet wipes and hands them to Ammon. This is how the conversation went….

Ammon: “Kevin, you don’t need two wet wipes. Why did you get two?”

Kevin: “Because I have two eyes!”

Now that’s telling it like it is! I love kids!!! =)

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  1. Beth

    kids are like that… reminds of my niece when my dad was doing “this little piggie went to market…” with her and in no uncertain terms informed him “i don’t have piggies, i have toes!”

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