The other day Annika was looking particularly cute and Kevin was eager to be in a picture, so I thought hey, time to take some pictures. Tasha finally conceded as well, but not for any of those silly, normal smiling pictures. Though I’m continually frustrated with the quality of pictures (or lack thereof) I come out with using my cruddy 5 year old digital camera, I think a few them turned out worthwhile. Plus, as I’m writing this I’m reminded that back in the day you used to have to pose for a picture for close to an hour, so I’m thankful for my cruddy old camera.


Ok, so I got 1/2 of the subjects smiling. Annika is still in the “what the heck is that thing” phase, in regards to the camera.


Kevin actually SHARING his cars with his baby sister! (too bad he won’t share with big sis)


Kevin’s saying: “Yup, that’s my car. It’s a cool car, isn’t it?”


I know this is blurry because she was moving, but I love this picture. It makes me want to kiss her sweet cheeks!


It’s a sorta smile!


He’s my clown (my little one)


Hey Tasha, look at me!


No, Kevin, look at me!


Anything you can do, I can do better!


I can do anything better than you!


No you can’t!


  1. Ha ha! Gotta love the sibling rivalry. I can’t believe how fast Annika is growing. I wish we/you lived closer. If I had a penny for every time I wished that…we’d BOTH be millionaires!!

  2. Beth

    hahaha, those bum shots remind me of some similar ones of us out there somewhere… from our twister playing days 🙂

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