Girls Weekend

I had the best overnight retreat with friends last weekend. A friend of mine got 6 of us a free night at a Marriott hotel downtown Denver. I did nothing but shop, eat and relax for an entire day! It was heaven. After scoring some fabulous deals at Hobby Lobby on Friday night, we got free dessert from the concierge level and hit the hot tubs and then spent the rest of the evening eating chocolate-dipped strawberries and caramels and watched a movie. Saturday, we had a full spread breakfast (free again!) and then shopped until we dropped, but not without a stop at Krispie Kreme. (we had to bring back something for the families!). It was a much needed break and lots of laughs. I can’t wait to do it again! Here are three of us before our shopping trip Sat. morning:


Karie, me & Nancy….more pics to come

Weekend in Littleton

We spent last weekend with the Mannings since Ammon had to get another (hopefully the last) crown. The kids had a great time as usual. Here are some of the photos from our mini-vacation.


Sitting Pretty!


Tasha got hair by Auntie again!


Mommy in training is at it again! It’s really great most of the time actually. A lot of times when I’m busy making dinner, Tasha will feed Annika so I don’t have to try and do two things at once.


Tasha playing with her “dolly”


Our happy girl. Her middle name is Nalani, which according to the translations we found when choosing her name, means “calm as the heavens”. She definately personifies this!


Working hard making special hearts for Mom and Dad


I took as many pictures of Annika as I could while we had our hands on a good camera


Most of the time, this is the look I get from Annika when I take her picture. She gets mesmerized by the camera.


Bonding time with Grandma


All dressed up for church


This seems to be Kevin’s signature face for pictures lately. Ammon has warned me that he was the class clown as a kid. Oh boy!


He hasn’t grown out of it….see? I’m in trouble!


Grandma’s pal. Tasha loves helping Grandma clean or bake or whatever she can do to help.


Keeping Grandma’s lap warm 😉


Popcorn with Papa.


Attack Papa!


Get him!


Papa needs a back massage after all that wrestling. Kevin has great balance and can walk/run on your back without falling over and give you a great massage. We should hire him out!


Tasha does a great job too, but doesn’t quite have Kevin’s balance


Annika has great balance too, but doesn’t quite weigh enough yet 😉 It does look like she’s standing on her own, doesn’t it!


Sister snuggles. You can tell from the photos how much Tasha loves Annika, but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to capture the way Annika reacts to Natasha. Annika’s little face lights up anytime Tasha is around and she’s really started gabbing up a storm to her. It’s sweet.


Whomever drank off this bottle before Annika must have left some chocolate on the mouth of the bottle or something, ’cause Annika thought it was scrumptious!


I absolutely  ADORE this picture! She’s not looking at the camera or smiling, but I think she just looks so sweet and innocent.


Taking a bath in the sink is fun!


Not looking so innocent in this picture though!

Elk Town

So I’ve decided to rename the town we live in. Instead of Eagle, it should be Elk town. For over a month, there were about 80 or so resident Elk all over the place. We had a great view of them from our family room and master bedroom window, but they also liked to be lawn ornaments from time to time. Here’s what we saw just down the road one day:


There were about 20 or 30 Elk in this person’s front yard. We couldn’t get a clear picture of the 4 point Elk-too bad!

Nap Much?

So, Kevin has pretty much given up naps. He started to really refuse taking them about a month ago and even when he did, he wouldn’t stay in bed at nighttime and would get up about a thousand times. I decided it wasn’t worth the fight. Well, despite his resistance, there are still some days he needs to take a nap, but it’s near impossible to convince him of this. Luckily for me, sometimes his body agrees with me more than with his strong will!

Exhibit  A:


Hmmm, looks like he needs a nap to me!

Something to laugh about later…

This is a little too new for us to really laugh at yet, but I’m sure in a few years it will be hilarious…It’ll be,

“Remember that night that Tasha came up from the basement with her clothes all wet from Kevin peeing on her?” HA HA HA HA HA

YA. You read right. Peed on her. Just held his little boy part and whizzed all over her clothes and glasses. The weird part is, she didn’t cry or freak out. She just came upstairs and told us and we showered her off.

Not funny yet. But someday….

Tasha’s Words…again…

Tasha was reading a book to me today called “Love you Forever” (a super sweet book if you’ve never read it) and she got to a page where the boy in the story is a teenager and is walking through the house leaving muddy footprints behind him and generally just making a mess and Tasha says to me:

“Mom….why do big boys make such a mess?”

I had a good laugh at that one. Then she says to me:

“Mom, when I grow up I don’t know if I’ll have 5 babies or just 3 babies like you.” “Maybe I’ll have 7 instead,” she says with a grin!

Good luck with that Tasha! I guess she has more patience than I do. =)