Ammon and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on Saturday (although Monday was the actual date). We haven’t had a date in a while, so this was a welcome opportunity to get out just the two of us. A friend had all three of our crazy kids from 9:30-3, while we enjoyed a day of lounging in the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, eating Beau Jo’s famous mountain pizza pies and shopping for my new running shoes.

It was a beautiful bright, warm sunny day! I insisted that it was going to be 70 degrees and sunny since the week had been so cruddy for me. It was forecast to be 62 and rainy….but I got my wish! We spent an hour in the pools. At one point I was floating on my back, looking up at the blue skies, getting a foot massage (by Ammon) and I thought, I feel like I’m on vacation! It was a fabulous day, the best one in a long time and I’m so glad we went! It really is so true that if you work hard to keep each other happy and always think of the other person, your love can grow by leaps and bounds. I love Ammon so much more than the day I married him, which I never thought possible at the time.

Thanks Ammon for 7 AMAZING years and lots more to come! I love you!!!!!!!!! =)


Enjoying our 2-lb pizza YUM!!!!

Budding Photographer?

Ok, so yes some of the photos are out of focus, or the lighting isn’t quite right, but for 4, almost 5 years old, I think she does a pretty good job. I’m speaking of course, of Natasha. She seems to have inherited the artsy gene from my Mom’s side of the family. She loves to do crafts: painting, cutting, gluing, coloring, taking pictures, etc. She asks for the camera almost daily, although we try to let her get creative only when little brother (a.k.a. little monkey) isn’t around.

Here’s the result of Tasha’s photoshoot last Friday:


Daddy “surfing”


Daddy being silly




Kevin relaxing


Happy subject

Not bad, eh?

Accentuate the positive?

So, I’m typically an optomist, or at least I think I am, but it seems that other than one very successful evening this week, the rest of my week has been a complete write-off! No matter how hard I tried to turn things around, no matter how many prayers I said or tears I shed (hey, it rhymes!), nothing was making these days better. From numerous potty “accidents” (I don’t know if it can be called that if one just decides not to pull their pants down) and cranky babies to just plain ‘ole disappointments and foiled attempts at productivity, it has been a half-empty kind of week. Let’s hope this weekend can turn things around!

Two of our favorite kids songs

Being up in the mountains, we don’t get very many radio stations so we really enjoy our satellite radio. It makes road trips endurable. There’s one kids station that is sometimes fun, sometimes annoying, but there are two songs in particular that even Ammon and I can sing along to.

The first one we just discovered about a week ago, it’s called “It only takes one night to make a balloon your friend”. It is the cutest song about helium balloons and how at first they’re shy and they fly away up to the ceiling, but in the morning, they’re on the floor, ready to play. I searched for the lyrics all over, but couldn’t find them anywhere unfortunately.

Here’s a link if you want to hear a few notes:

Lunch Money — It Only Takes One Night To Make A Balloon Your Friend

The other one is called “There’s an Alien in my Nose”. It’s all about, you guessed it. Boogers! Here are the lyrics:

Alien in my Nose Lyrics:
A quiet day at school, a little after lunch, I was
sitting in the library reading adventure books. I
felt something in my nose so I discreetly pulled
it out. When I saw it on my finger I wanted to
scream and shout. It was wiggling and jiggling and
jumping up and down. I was in the library and
couldn’t make a sound. There was an alien in my
nose, an alien in my nose. And it was gross,
gross, gross, gross! There was an alien in my nose.

Purple, green and slimy, with pointy teeth and
bloodshot eyes, I tried to shut it in a book, but
it survived. So I stabbed it with my pencil, tried
to wipe it on a friend. It took my lunch, said,
“Take me to your leader” and jumped back up my
nose again. There was an alien in my nose, an
alien in my nose. And it was gross, gross, gross,
gross! There was an alien in my nose.

I could feel it crawling, creeping closer to my
brain. It was trying to suck the smart out to make
me crazy and insane. So I threw it on the floor,
tried to squish it with my shoe. When this didn’t
work, I knew what I would have to do. I had to be
brave and save the world. I knew I had to defeat
it. There was only one way to stop this thing.
I knew I was going to have to eat it.
There was an alien in my nose, an alien in my nose.
And it was gross, gross, gross, gross!
There was an alien in my nose.

EW! But you have to laugh!