Another Sunday

I asked Ammon to take a pic of me and Annika today. No particular reason. I just feel like Annika is growing up with super-sonic speed and I wanted to make sure I have some shots of her and her Mommy while she’s still little and adores me! Kevin outgrew the “Mommy-is-the-best” phase at about 18 months, so I only have about 8 more months of that. I need to take advantage of it!


I like this one ’cause she’s smiling pretty


But I love her laugh in this one….so you got both!

Who we are today

It changes from day to day….


On this day, Kevin was superman. Flying here and there and showing off his…no, not muscles, actually just before I took this picture, he was showing off his dancing talents! Who knew that superman could dance?


This is Tasha cheering for Team Princess, I guess.

Open Season….Hiking

We did our first hike of the season on Saturday with some friends. It was about a 25 min drive up in the “wilderness” to our destination, which ended up being too wet and muddy in one spot and the alternative was wet, mucky snow. We did find a good spot and though it wasn’t a long hike (we had 5 kids between us), it was much enjoyed with beautiful scenery and even some wildflowers!


Here’s us!


Baby Lucas, James, Lauren & Cobin


Hi-hi, hi-ho, it’s off to hike we go….


Big stick!


This one’s smaller, but still really cool


Beaver dam and those are our cars off in the distance


One of our pack mules…..I was the other one! 😉 (I had Annika on my back)


This is how Tasha and Kevin get down the steep parts of our hikes. With a little help from the poles.

Our Proud Little Soccer Player

So, the story goes that we signed up Kevin for “Start Smart Soccer” through the local rec center. He loves to kick the ball around, so naturally I figured that he’d enjoy learning a little something about the game. It’s a parent-kids activity, so we’re hands-on together. (well feet on, in this case I guess!)

The first “lesson”, we went to the wrong place and by the time we got to the right place (5 min away), Kevin was zonked in his carseat. I woke him up and he seemed all excited, but once we got inside, refused to do anything that even resembled participating in any way! From then on, it became Tasha’s introduction to soccer.

Although, she’s still not as aggressive as she needs to be about kicking the ball and doesn’t think playing an actual game is fun because everyone shares the same ball and tries to take it away from other people (that’s not nice!), she learned a lot and really improved from start to finish.

She even got a medal for her accomplishment.

Here’s our proud little soccer girl:


(the sun was a little bit bright!)


I found the medal in her underwear/sock drawer yesterday. Safe-keeping I guess!

My Mother…by Natasha Manning (as narrated to her Sunday School teacher)

My Mother likes to….play with us.

When my Mom wakes up, she….eats.

My Mom’s favorite food is….she was so sad she couldn’t eat what we had because she had my baby sister…her favorite food is a cookie.

If I could give my Mom anything, I’d give her….flowers that I pick.

I wish my Mom wouldn’t….wash clothes (????)

The funniest thing I ever saw my Mom do was….make a funny face.

I like it when my Mom….plays with me and my brother.

I think my Mom would like to go….the store.

The thing I hear my Mom says the most is….Happy Valentines Day!

I love my Mom because…..she plays with me.

Mother’s Day!

What do a sparkling clean house, washed clothes, a fabulous dinner, a massage and bubble bath equal? The perfect Mother’s Day gift from the best husband and kids EVER!!!! =) Thanks guys for such a relaxing, wonderful day. I couldn’t have asked for more…


The three sweet little spirits that made me a Mother


How we look most of the time! =)


As of last week, our littlest is mobile! She’s all over the place now and thrilled about her new skill. In addition to crawling, she’s tried avocado, mango, bread, cheerios and chicken and thinks she’s big kid like her brother and sister. =)


Here’s Annika in action….this wood floor makes it a little difficult and she’s still figuring out the dress crawl


Posing for me on Mother’s Day! What a sweetie!

Summer-like weather

Yes, we have been savoring the blue skies and basking in the sun and taking as many opportunities as possible to enjoy our gorgeous weather! While Tasha was at school the other day, Kevin, Annika and I took a walk.


So, Kevin looks like something you’d see trick or treating and Annika looks like a turtle, but hey, I tried!

The Elephant in the Room

Except, our elephant is literal! Kevin has had his elephant since his first birthday. It was part of his present from his Great-Nana and Papa. We had gone to the Zoo and he picked out a toy. Well, elephant has really changed over the years from a plain ole toy, to a lovey that has gone everywhere, to a baby….We’re in the baby stage now.

Elephant cries, whines, eats, drinks a bottle, plays hide n seek, sits in the exersaucer, talks in a really high-pitched, nasal voice and the latest….anytime Kevin does something that someone doesn’t like and we try to reprimand him, the response is: “Oh, sorry Mom, it was Elephant. He’s just a baby, he doesn’t know.” (said with a chuckle). Mmmmhmmm, right….well, this baby elephant might be put up for adoption soon if he doesn’t clean up his act! 😉


See, look how smug he looks….his little grey smile…


Apparently, he’s also a thief! He’s wearing Mr. Potatohead’s glasses! The nerve!