The Elephant in the Room

Except, our elephant is literal! Kevin has had his elephant since his first birthday. It was part of his present from his Great-Nana and Papa. We had gone to the Zoo and he picked out a toy. Well, elephant has really changed over the years from a plain ole toy, to a lovey that has gone everywhere, to a baby….We’re in the baby stage now.

Elephant cries, whines, eats, drinks a bottle, plays hide n seek, sits in the exersaucer, talks in a really high-pitched, nasal voice and the latest….anytime Kevin does something that someone doesn’t like and we try to reprimand him, the response is: “Oh, sorry Mom, it was Elephant. He’s just a baby, he doesn’t know.” (said with a chuckle). Mmmmhmmm, right….well, this baby elephant might be put up for adoption soon if he doesn’t clean up his act! 😉


See, look how smug he looks….his little grey smile…


Apparently, he’s also a thief! He’s wearing Mr. Potatohead’s glasses! The nerve!

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