Open Season….Hiking

We did our first hike of the season on Saturday with some friends. It was about a 25 min drive up in the “wilderness” to our destination, which ended up being too wet and muddy in one spot and the alternative was wet, mucky snow. We did find a good spot and though it wasn’t a long hike (we had 5 kids between us), it was much enjoyed with beautiful scenery and even some wildflowers!


Here’s us!


Baby Lucas, James, Lauren & Cobin


Hi-hi, hi-ho, it’s off to hike we go….


Big stick!


This one’s smaller, but still really cool


Beaver dam and those are our cars off in the distance


One of our pack mules…..I was the other one! 😉 (I had Annika on my back)


This is how Tasha and Kevin get down the steep parts of our hikes. With a little help from the poles.

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  1. Kylene

    Love the updates. The hike looks beautiful! Makes me want to explore more of my tiny town to find out what we can do for fun around here.

    Love ya and miss ya tons!

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