Our Proud Little Soccer Player

So, the story goes that we signed up Kevin for “Start Smart Soccer” through the local rec center. He loves to kick the ball around, so naturally I figured that he’d enjoy learning a little something about the game. It’s a parent-kids activity, so we’re hands-on together. (well feet on, in this case I guess!)

The first “lesson”, we went to the wrong place and by the time we got to the right place (5 min away), Kevin was zonked in his carseat. I woke him up and he seemed all excited, but once we got inside, refused to do anything that even resembled participating in any way! From then on, it became Tasha’s introduction to soccer.

Although, she’s still not as aggressive as she needs to be about kicking the ball and doesn’t think playing an actual game is fun because everyone shares the same ball and tries to take it away from other people (that’s not nice!), she learned a lot and really improved from start to finish.

She even got a medal for her accomplishment.

Here’s our proud little soccer girl:


(the sun was a little bit bright!)


I found the medal in her underwear/sock drawer yesterday. Safe-keeping I guess!

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