Another Sunday

I asked Ammon to take a pic of me and Annika today. No particular reason. I just feel like Annika is growing up with super-sonic speed and I wanted to make sure I have some shots of her and her Mommy while she’s still little and adores me! Kevin outgrew the “Mommy-is-the-best” phase at about 18 months, so I only have about 8 more months of that. I need to take advantage of it!


I like this one ’cause she’s smiling pretty


But I love her laugh in this one….so you got both!


  1. Steph

    You’re such a pretty mommy, Lauren! 🙂 xo…Oh and Annika’s pretty cute too!!!

  2. Beth

    so cute! and i am liking the hair ribbon too. i have taken to wearing ribbons like that too lately in a feeble attempt to “do” something with my hair. but i love them. and so cheap to go to the fabric store and buy a yard of ribbon for less than a dollar, and voila, cute hair accessory!

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