California Vacation Part 2

Day 5 was another day at the “Happiest Place on Earth”. We got there as the park opened and only stayed for about 4 hours this time. We did toontown, the teacups and StorybookLand. Again, we walked right onto the teacups and many other rides. Toontown didn’t have a lot of rides, but the kids had a great ole time playing in Chip n Dale’s Treehouse and Goofy’s Playhouse. Doesn’t take much to keep them happy-just things to climb on. I guess that’s why we call them monkeys!!! =)


Anybody home? White Rabbit’s house (from Alice in Wonderland)


Waiting for the teacups to start spinning


Faster, faster!


This is us on the StoryBookLand ride. It’s a boat that runs on a canal through mini villages from fairy-tales.


Here’s Aladdin’s palace


Cinderella’s castle where she and Prince Charming are living happily ever after….Ah-ha! I thought it looked like my house.


I don’t remember who’s dump this is, but it’s pretty cute! The amazing thing about this ride was that the plants that are through the mini villages were planted by Walt Disney himself and are miniature versions of the real thing, over 100 years old. They are the only ones in the world like this. Pretty cool!


I bet you’re wondering who this pretty little girl is who is holding our Annika? Well her name is Anna. Up until California, Annika was pretty shy with people, even people she knew. She was herself with us of course and maybe one of my friends, but really didn’t interact much with strangers. While standing in line for StoryBookLand, Annika kept peeking over my shoulder and the giggling like crazy and burying her face in my shoulder. She kept doing it over and over, her little body wiggling with joy every time she did. Finally, I had to look. For some reason, Annika was completely enamored with this little girl. She even reached her arms out to her to be held once we sat down on the boat. So, although I’ll probably never see her again in this life, I had to have a picture of Annika and her first “friend”.


Riding King Arthur’s Carousel


Tasha riding the horsies


Poor girl, she tried sooooo hard to get the sword out of the stone, but just couldn’t do it!


Random picture in front of someone’s house


You can see that Annika really wanted to play Goofy’s piano. She was practically falling out of her stroller to get to it!

On the way out of the park, we happened to see Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse visiting with people. Donald only had a short line, so we decided (ok, I decided, Ammon groaned) to wait. We only waited 10 minutes and got our turn with the plucky ducky. Here we are:


I asked him if he could hold Annika for the picture, but he shook his head, so I had to be in it too. Notice Annika staring at him?


Apparently his beak looked kinda like a giant teether toy ’cause Annika just latched on. YUM! LOL

We took a Disney break and relaxed for a bit and then hit the pool. It was the first really sunny afternoon since we’d been there.


Ammon stalking Kevin in the kiddie pool


Got em!




Our Little Mermaid



After tearing the kids away from the pool, we headed back to Disney with Papa and Linda. We enjoyed a street dance party with performers and characters and lots of confetti and then hit some rides. Tasha was boogying to the music and thought it was “so cool”.


Annika and Mommy as we wait for the kids to ride Dumbo. Annika is in awe


I found some ducky friends while feeding Annika her bottle


Posing with Papa


Hiding in a stationary Dumbo after the ride


Linda and Tasha, ready to fly!


Just pretty lights on the water


The castle was breathtaking, all lit up at night


Soooooo pretty! Tasha was a little disappointed that Sleeping Beauty wasn’t actually in her castle! Poor girl!

More to come………


  1. Beth

    yay teacups!!!
    and i love that you have a picture with that random girl in line 🙂
    so fun looking through all the pictures of your fun times, keep ’em coming. i am a total stalker of this blog 😉

  2. Kylene Cardon

    Hooray. I love the happiest place on earth. I’m glad you had such a good time.

    So now that you’re back, hop to it! I need more updates, girlie! In fact, I should just call you one of these days. I miss you terribly.

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