California Vacation….Part 3

Sigh….Now where was I in our little travel log before I got caught up in the crazyness of summer and family and all sorts of wonderfully distracting things. Oh yes. Day 5 of our California vacation. What, you thought I was done with that day? Ohhhhhhhhh no! 😉

So, after we did the kid rides and the street parade, Dad and Linda said they’d watch the kids so Ammon and I could actually go on one of the real rides! We chose Indiana Jones and we pretty excited to go on a big kid ride, just the two of us. Well, we got right up to the front and were only about 20 people ahead of us when… guessed it! The ride broke! We were pretty bummed, but at least we had 10 min just us while we were waiting for the ride. =)

Onto Day 6….a break from Disney and theme-park harriness! We decided to hit the beach (Crystal Cove) on this sort of overcast, but still pleasant day. The kids were seriously in their glory! We stayed for two hours; frolicking in the water, running from the waves, collecting shells, playing in the sand and just generally enjoying the deserted beach. Annika thought it was pretty neat as well and apparently sand is pret-ty tasty! Who knew? I always thought it was a little on the gritty side, but I guess there’s something wrong with my taste-buds.


Making sandcastles…well, sandpiles is a more accurate description.


Beach baby


This is the life!


Working together, playing together


No Tasha, you’re not doing it right….let me help!


Beach bum we spotted….


Kevin, proudly presents….Mr. Worm!


Hmmmm, wonder what this tastes like?


Let’s find out!


That sand was yummy, let’s try some driftwood…


Happiness is….


Here comes a wave….JUMP!


Try this, Tasha….the sand feels great in your hair


Playing in the water with Daddy


Run, Kevin! The water’s gonna get you!


Daddy, barely missing the wave

Next was Day 7, our last of the theme-park fun.We did California Adventure this time. It was great for the kids. Annika had the chance to enjoy quite a few of these rides. It’s funny, as much as the kids enjoyed all the rides, I think they still favored the playground type areas and the water areas where they could just play and be their crazy selves.


We met Lightening McQueen. It’s a bummer that someone (I won’t say who) was being so grumpy at first because he loves this car. At least we have a picture, even if he does look like his dog just died.


Playing in Brother Bear land


Sleeping down the slide….that’s a new one!


No fun at all!


This was the jellyfish ride. Tasha and I are on the yellow one


I know, I look like a dork. I had been in so many pictures that day and my real smile was no longer. Kevin barely screeched onto these rides. You were supposed to be 40 inches tall for most of them and he was 38, but shoes and a hat do wonders!


Kevin and Mom on the swings


This might be hard to see ’cause it’s so small, but Tasha and I basically giggled the entire length of the ride.


Someone conked out from so much activity. This was on the ferris wheel


Enjoying her day of adventure!


It’s a bugs life….there were little spontaneous fountains of water shooting out of the ground. Kids paradise.


Splat! It got him!


Loving the water


Just a blast!


Roly-poly bumpers with Dad


There was a monster on the carousel


The kids gave California Adventure an A+ for sure!


The view from our condo. One of the clearest days.


Annika and Papa hanging out. Annika was surprised by the flash


Getting ready for bed. One last goodnight snuggle with Papa

Day 8-time to leave Newport Beach. We said our goodbyes to Papa and Linda. There really hadn’t been enough time to visit as we would have liked, but thus is life. We headed back to San Diego to spend one more day with Grandma B before we flew back to Denver.

We stayed at a much nicer hotel this time. The extra $20 was worth it! I took the oldest two to the pool, where Natasha swam by herself for the first time!!! Granted, she can only do it with her head in the water, but hey, it’s a start! After our swim, we found the most amazing pizza place to eat at. Twas called Oggi’s and WOW! Kevin had fallen asleep on the way to the restaurant and was a big ball of grumpiness during dinner, but that did not stop us from enjoying the food!

Day 8 was our last day. We spent the day split up between visiting with Grandma B, going to the park and visiting the San Diego Temple grounds. The kids thought it was so cool that they got to go in the Temple to use the bathroom and were nice and quiet going in and out.


Chasing the birds


The spires


So gorgeous! It has to be the most beautiful of all the temples. Most of the LDS temples are not this fancy.


It was pretty hard to get a good picture with the Temple in it because there was a wedding party having pics taken at the same time, so the prime spot was taken. Oh well. Still beautiful.


This pretty little girl posed for her picture 😉


Our family with Grandma B. So exciting to have her meet three of her great-grandchildren.

And folks, as they say, is a wrap….whew….I’m blogged out. Too bad I have about 50 more pics of the past two months to post.