Bye Bye Buckies

Yesterday, Miss Natasha came to me and said, “Mom, my tooth hurts.” I thought that was a strange thing to be hurting, so I had her show me which one. Low and behold, the girl is losing her first tooth! The front right one is so loose that I can practically bend it all the way forward and all the way back and there underneath I can see/feel her big adult tooth. How crazy is that?! She just turned 5. I don’t remember losing my teeth that early, but apparently it’s normal for girls. She can’t wait for it to totally fall out so the tooth fairy will come! Luckily, she doesn’t understand the value of money yet, ’cause she ain’t getting no $1 per baby tooth. Some parents these days do like $5 for a tooth. Hello…’s cool, but it’s a TOOTH!


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