Happy 5th Birthday, Natasha!!!

(I’m backtracking…remember?) Natasha had a great 5th birthday party, though it got off to a hairy start. I don’t remember much of earlier in the day, except that it was a crazy, hectic day and I was running around attempting to get everything done. I continued to do so right up until….ok…..after, the guests arrived. Tasha had 7 little friends over and they had a blast keeping the balloons up in the air, playing pin the tail on the donkey and chasing Ammon all over the house.

She had requested a butterfly theme, so they colored butterflies, a butterfly cake and with their grilled cheese, had butterfly jello, ants on a log and grape caterpillars. She and the guests were very pleased with their butterfly-ish food. =) Some fun presents were received, although the play make-up she got has remained high up in a linen closet, hopefully never to be found 😉

Here are photos of the days festivities:

Tasha's b-day guests

Tasha and her guests

Tasha pin the tail

Tasha pinning the tail….how’d she do?

Tasha cake

Tasha trying hard not to smile at the camera

butterfly cake

My creation

Tasha 5 opening presents

Opening her loot

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