Girls Camp

I work with the girls ages 12-18 at church and every summer, they have a week of camp. They learn first aid/cpr, go on hikes, swim, have spiritual speakers and activities and complete tasks. It’s a fun-filled week and this year I was privileged to go to two days of camp.

When we got there it was just starting to rain and it poured for about 4 hours off and on, with only a few minutes break. We were beginning to wonder what why we came, but we soon found out. We had so much fun watching the girls and getting to know them better. We played silly games with them like silent football (nothing to do with actual football, but ends in the group deciding a little “dare” for one person to complete….I got to be a gorilla…long story!), sang songs, ate with them and performed service for other groups.

The most amazing part was to hear their testimonies of their knowledge of the Savior, Jesus Christ and his love for them. They have such great faith and at a young age. The testimony meeting was held by a lake, lit up by mini lighthouses and each time someone finished telling us their feelings/thoughts about the Lord and his gospel in their life, they’d light a candle and place it in a tiny wooden boat and put it on the water. By the end, the effect was breathtaking; all these little lights on the water. An experience not to be forgotten….

anna laughing

Anna trying to chop wood….

Chrissy riding the pony

Chrissy riding the pony

girls eating girls camp

Chowing down

girl having fun girl camp

Getting their individual awards like….

cinthia award

The smiliest camper…

ashleigh award

The prankster

Tania award

The nut!

Gassy girl award

And well….we won’t tell you what this one was, but you can see it’s a good one by her reaction!

getting made up

Getting made up after losing out on silent football…I got to be a vamped out gorilla to the next camp over from us….

leaders making dinner

Leaders making hawaiian haystacks for 25 people

lumiere's cagin

The cabin we didn’t get to sleep in!

Lauren D attacking girls

Lauren attacking our girls….they were simulating an emergency situation

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