The Next Adventure

was….spending a week at the Narayans house in Colorado Springs (to visit Ammon’s oldest sis and her fam). We had fun-filled, very busy week of activities. I don’t have all the pics at the moment and will have to post the rest later.

The first full day we had, we went to Helen Falls and hiked a little and had a picnic above the falls. There was a great view from the top and the falls were beautiful.

helen falls 1

The falls itself

Papa n annika fun

Annika and Papa playing in the gift shop

checking out a butterfly

The kids spotted a butterfly on the ground in the parking lot and were mesmerized

the butterfly

Here’s the butterfly up close

Helen Falls

Here’s the oldest two and I enjoying the view (and a break)

cousins hanging by river

The cousins hanging out at the waters edge, throwing in rocks and whatever else they could find

cute christina malika

Some cute people we found at the waters edge….Christina and Malika

The next day was the 4th of July and we had the yummiest bbq ever. At the moment, this is the only pic I have of that day.

annika 4th of july

She was spontaneously playing with this flag and I thought, oh perfect photo opportunity….if only my camera was a little faster!

There was lots of playing going on the whole while we were visiting. Two of my favorite shots:

kevin batman

My cute little batman boy

creepy tasha

Tasha came upstairs like this and I about jumped out of my skin! Creepy Tasha!!!!!

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