Colorado Springs Vacation Part 2

There will be more pictures of this later, probably about a month from now…

nephews at park

My cute nephews playing at the park on the 4th of July

After the 4th weekend, we started the week off fresh by going to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. The neatest thing about this zoo is all the hands on exhibits. The kids loved it!

We started off by feeding the giraffes. They were so cute and fuzzy!

tasha feeding giraffe

Here’s Tasha feeding a cracker to her giraffe


They’re so cute, but man their tongues are UGLY! Long, black and slimy.


Mr. Elephant

Tasha touching snake

Tasha touching her first snake


Wallabys, wallabys everywhere!

kevin on frog

Kevin’s froggy face on the froggy

The day after the zoo, we went to a place called “Lil Biggs” where we had lunch and then played for over an hour. It’s perfect for younger kids. The whole place is like a miniature village with a small grocery store with food and carts, a jail and firehouse, a musical room, a huge sandbox, a bouncy house, etc. A kids paradise, basically. Tasha stayed mainly in with all the babydolls and baby equipment, while Kevin had fun in the bouncy house.

Annika lil biggs music

Baby musician

christina hula hoop

Christina showing her skills

Annika big duck

Annika found a friend

dr tasha

Paging Dr. Manning

christina n annika

Auntie n Annika having some fun!

Tasha baby lil biggs

Tasha in baby heaven!

silly cousins ice cream

The silly cousins all enjoying their ice cream

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