Obsessed? Maybe a little….

Lately for some reason, I’ve been consumed by being organized. Not that I haven’t done other things like, play with the kids, exercise, do stuff for church, etc… But, I have been a busy bee, reorganizing and sorting and tidying areas that have been driving me crazy. The ones that have taken second fiddle to everyday things like laundry and such. Perhaps it’s because we’ve been here, there and everywhere this summer, with very little downtime, or maybe it’s because I’ve finally had a few unscheduled days. Regardless of the reason, my cookbook cupboard, garage and children’s closets now have new life, with an orderly place for things and sigh…….it feels good!!!!!


We took the kids bowling for the first time yesterday. Luckily we were the only people in the entire place for the first 45 minutes! It helped the kids from getting too distracted. 😉

Enjoy the video:

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